Friday, May 17, 2013

Getting Healthy From the Start: Dietary Tips for Parents & Children

As obesity rates in children have risen over time, parents and health professionals are now recognizing the need to develop healthy habits at an early age. Developing good health habits at an early age makes them easier to maintain into adulthood and helps avoid illnesses like diabetes and high blood pressure. 

healthy dietOf course, doing this is always easier said than done – if it were easy, then everyone would be doing it! Parents are pressed for time, and unhealthy choices like fast food and prepared foods loaded with preservatives are often easier than the healthy alternatives. With barely any time to cook, it’s even
harder to fit in time for exercise!

Even the United States government has recognized this problem, as obesity rates have risen across the nation in recent years, not only in the adult segment, but children as well.  The White House has launched a program called Let’s Move, focused on emphasizing the importance of physical fitness in children and promoting healthy eating habits. 

However, the biggest impact on children doesn’t come from the government or school – it comes from parents, the people they spend the most time with and look up to. Are your habits healthy? Do you exercise regularly and maintain a healthy diet? It’s difficult to tell your children to do something you aren’t doing yourself!

Fortunately, setting a healthy example for your children and ensuring their lifelong health isn’t difficult. Here are some tips: 

  • Set aside time for physical activity at least a few times per week. Even a brisk walk or bike ride through the neighborhood will provide you with exercise, fresh air and quality time as a family. Ensure your children are getting the proper physical education at school as well. Exercise also provides social opportunities through team sports; and can improve your mood!
  •   Healthy cooking at home doesn’t have to be hard! Pure Indian Foods has many recipes that are easy to prepare and contain healthy fats from ghee, vitamins/minerals from fresh vegetables, and spices to make it all taste great! A quick sauté, or a quick preparation of something to put in the oven leads to a delicious, healthy meal that will show your children veggies can be delicious. Moms from all over the country tell us that their kids have been eating better after they made a simple change.  Their secret? Replacing another cooking oil with ghee makes any food taste so much better.  Give it a try!
  • Of course, children and adults alike won’t always have the opportunity to eat at home. Inquire about your children’s school lunches to see if they are getting healthy food at school. Use moderation and look for healthier choices when eating out.

These three simple steps will only take minutes per day, but will add years onto your life and ensure that you and your children are able to enjoy a long, healthy life!

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