Wednesday, May 1, 2013

How Does Ghee Compare with Butter?

organic ghee
Organic Ghee
Regular butter has been a staple food in households for many years, but ghee butter has been quietly gaining a following in the health foods community. Traditionally from India, clarified butter, or ghee has been growing in popularity due to its amazing health benefits, its versatility in cooking, and its rich, pure flavor.

Unlike butter, impurities are removed from ghee. It contains more short & medium-chain fatty acids, and less long-chain fatty acids. Scientifically speaking, long-chain fatty acids tend to be the most damaging to your health. Because of this, ghee can be more beneficial to your health. Let’s take a closer look at 5 things that make ghee a healthier alternative to butter:

1) Ghee is easier to cook with: Unlike milk, ghee does not contain solids that will easily burn, even at high heat, thus avoiding the chance for unpleasant taste, appearance, and odors. Because of this, ghee is considered one of the best oils for deep fat frying, baking, and sautéing. With ghee, there is no hissing, popping, or splattering, and it has a sweeter aroma than butter.

2) Ghee is essentially casein and lactose free: The clarification process that ghee undergoes leaves healthy fats behind while removing harmful ones. Trace amounts of casein and lactose can possibly remain in ghee, but someone with problems consuming dairy will most likely be able to consume and digest ghee without discomfort.

3) Ghee has a longer shelf life: Ghee is able to stay well preserved with little to no effort. So long as it is kept in an airtight container, ghee can stay fresh for 2-3 months without refrigeration. However, when kept in a refrigerator, ghee is known to last up to a year. In India, some natives use ghee that is aged over 100-years, as it is thought to have healing properties.

4) Ghee has a pure, rich flavor: A small amount of ghee adds lots of rich, sweet, nutty flavor to food. A single tablespoon of ghee is as potent as three tablespoons of oil or butter.

5) Ghee provides ayurvedic benefits: High quality ayurvedic ghee promotes healthy skin, mental clarity, and proper digestion. In Indian medicinal practice, ghee is known to promote healthy eyes, healthy skin, and increased memory.

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