Basmati Rice and Oatmeal Breakfast Cereal
Our organic Aged Basmati Rice is phenomenal! It so good and so incredibly versatile in recipes, including for breakfast. This hot cereal is a combination of aged basmati rice and old fashioned rolled oats, soaked overnight and cooked to a creamy texture the next morning. It makes for a warm, satisfying start to your day. This recipe makes one serving.
Main Ingredients
  • 2tbsp Aged Basmati Rice
  • 1/4cup rolled oatsold fashioned
  • 1 cup filtered water
  • Pinch salt
  • whole milkcream or coconut milk
  • Gheeoriginal, cultured or coconut ghee
Additional Ingredients, Optional
  • whole milkcream or non-dairy alternative
  • nutsor seeds
  • nut butter
  • dried fruits
  • honeylocal, raw
  • maple syrup
  • brown sugar
  1. Soak rice and oatmeal in 1 cup water and salt overnight in a saucepan. In the morning, set the pan over medium heat to bring to a low boil.
  2. Lower the heat to simmer. Cover and cook, stirring occasionally until rice is fully cooked and blended with the oatmeal. The cereal should be creamy.
  3. Add milk, cream or non-dairy alternative to thin the cereal if needed. Serve with a dollop of ghee and any additions desired.