Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bulletproof Coffee with Coffee++ Grassfed Organic Ghee

People have been putting butter in coffee for centuries thanks to the increase in sharpness, clarity and energy the blend offers. The combination of butter and coffee taps into the power of healthy fats and caffeine to provide an enjoyable boost that lasts all day. Thanks to the efforts of Dave Asprey, this drink is now known around the world as Bulletproof Coffee ®. Making it entails combining coffee, ghee from grass-fed cows and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils. It's essentially a Paleo version of coffee creamer that's free of casein, lactose, gluten and whey.

At Pure Indian Foods, we've simplified the process of making butter coffee with Coffee++. This tasty, two-in-one blend combines organic, grass-fed ghee with an MCT oil blend made from coconut and palm. Instead of measuring out two ingredients, you can simply measure out a few tablespoons of Coffee++. It's perfect for everyday use and is a great solution for those who are always on the go as well.

Of course, it's not just the convenience of the two-in-one blend that makes our Bulletproof Coffee ® ghee such a great product. It's all about the benefits that it offers. Healthy fats have been considered essential to energy and clarity in cultures around the world for centuries. In India, Tibet and Nepal, this energy-boosting blend was originally made with fermented yak butter.

Coffee++: A Simplified Paleo Coffee Solution

Whether you're new to Paleo butter coffee or have been making coffee with ghee and coconut oil for years, Coffee++ is the easiest way to make this tasty, energy-boosting treat. All you have to do is gently stir your Coffee++ and then measure one or two tablespoons of the mix into your coffee. For a traditional butter coffee experience, stir the blend into your coffee.

Taking Coffee++ to the Next Level

If you prefer a creamier experience a la cafe-bought frosty drinks, get out your blender. Add coffee and Coffee++ and then blend to your desired frothiness. You can also flavor your butter coffee with natural sweeteners, a touch of milk, dark chocolate, vanilla or any spices that you like. It's a great way to shake up your everyday butter coffee routine or introduce a friend to the joys of this treat. Of course, you can add it to tea, chai, broth, milk or even just water, too.

After 5 generations and 125 years in this business, we are confident that we make the finest grass-fed, organic ghee in the world! Try our Coffee++ Paleo Butter Coffee Creamer for yourself.

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