Kick-Spiced Mini Turkey Muffins

These little meat muffins make a great snack or meal if you’re watching your carbs. Kick Ketchup can be mixed in equal proportions with regular organic ketchup or tomato paste to reduce spiciness. We used dark turkey, however, if using breast meat, adding 1/2 Tbsp olive or almond oil to the recipe makes for a juicier result. For standard muffin tins, the yield is roughly 10-12 depending on optional ingredients added. These freeze well.

An Indian Twist on a Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary has been a long-time favorite at American brunches and grill parties. It’s a savory cocktail made with a base of tomato juice and easily customizable using various spices and accompaniments. Restaurants, beverage companies, and home mixologists compete over how to make “the best” Bloody Mary. Alcohol is optional, as it has more…