Double Curry Dal with BEST HING EVER

We call this “double curry” because we use both DIY Balti Curry and Madras Curry (or Keto-In-A-Hurry) simmering sauce. This is a simple, delicious, nourishing meal that pairs perfectly with freshly cooked basmati rice, quinoa, or warm roti/chaptati or naan bread, or any favorite crusty sourdough or whole grain bread.

Whole Grain Ginger Kitchari

Print Recipe Whole Grain Ginger Kitchari This chewy, delicious kitchari is made with organic brown rice and moong daal. It’s a simple, nourishing dish that provides added fiber and chewiness from the brown rice. Ginger and vegetables along with additional spices and ghee add depth and flavor. This recipe is made for one person; to…

baked salmon on plate next to rice with avocado on top

Baked Salmon with Avocado Salsa

Flaky salmon, creamy avocado….what more could you want?! You can have a delicious meal in just minutes with this recipe! Try it out for yourself and see 🙂   We want to help you make dinnertime simple! So we have a few more ideas for PrimalOil and garlic ghee for you. Just scroll down on…