Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Bulletproof Coffee with Coffee++ Grassfed Organic Ghee

People have been putting butter in coffee for centuries thanks to the increase in sharpness, clarity and energy the blend offers. The combination of butter and coffee taps into the power of healthy fats and caffeine to provide an enjoyable boost that lasts all day. Thanks to the efforts of Dave Asprey, this drink is now known around the world as Bulletproof Coffee ®. Making it entails combining coffee, ghee from grass-fed cows and medium-chain triglyceride (MCT) oils. It's essentially a Paleo version of coffee creamer that's free of casein, lactose, gluten and whey.

At Pure Indian Foods, we've simplified the process of making butter coffee with Coffee++. This tasty, two-in-one blend combines organic, grass-fed ghee with an MCT oil blend made from coconut and palm. Instead of measuring out two ingredients, you can simply measure out a few tablespoons of Coffee++. It's perfect for everyday use and is a great solution for those who are always on the go as well.

Of course, it's not just the convenience of the two-in-one blend that makes our Bulletproof Coffee ® ghee such a great product. It's all about the benefits that it offers. Healthy fats have been considered essential to energy and clarity in cultures around the world for centuries. In India, Tibet and Nepal, this energy-boosting blend was originally made with fermented yak butter.

Coffee++: A Simplified Paleo Coffee Solution

Whether you're new to Paleo butter coffee or have been making coffee with ghee and coconut oil for years, Coffee++ is the easiest way to make this tasty, energy-boosting treat. All you have to do is gently stir your Coffee++ and then measure one or two tablespoons of the mix into your coffee. For a traditional butter coffee experience, stir the blend into your coffee.

Taking Coffee++ to the Next Level

If you prefer a creamier experience a la cafe-bought frosty drinks, get out your blender. Add coffee and Coffee++ and then blend to your desired frothiness. You can also flavor your butter coffee with natural sweeteners, a touch of milk, dark chocolate, vanilla or any spices that you like. It's a great way to shake up your everyday butter coffee routine or introduce a friend to the joys of this treat. Of course, you can add it to tea, chai, broth, milk or even just water, too.

After 5 generations and 125 years in this business, we are confident that we make the finest grass-fed, organic ghee in the world! Try our Coffee++ Paleo Butter Coffee Creamer for yourself.

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Paleo Holiday Recipe Ideas With Healthy Ghee Alternative

The paleo lifestyle boasts many health benefits, but you just might find yourself having some
decidedly un-paleo cravings this holiday season. The great thing is that you don't have to give up on holiday favorites just because you've gone paleo. Consider updating family recipes and traditional seasonal dishes by using ghee instead of butter.

Incorporating Ghee in Your Holiday Meals
Ghee is an ideal choice for paleo holiday recipes because its such a versatile ingredient. You can use it for everything on your holiday table from the appetizers to the main course to the desserts. More than just being versatile, organic ghee made with the milk of grass-fed cows is also healthy. It offers the joy of butter without the casein or sugars, so it doesn't contribute to the inflammation with which butter is associated.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

What Is Turmeric and How Do I Incorporate It Into My Regular Diet?

Turmeric Curcumin is a plant in the ginger family and is also known as "Indian saffron." Its use dates back nearly 4000 years to the Vedic culture in India. There, it was a staple in culinary spice, served medicinal needs and was a component in religious ceremonies.

The lovely color, aroma and rich flavor isn’t all it has going for it. The importance of Turmeric has been indicated by 3000+ publications over the last 25 years. The active ingredient, curcumin, is said to be an effective remedy for a variety of conditions.

It has a slightly bitter taste, but when it is used correctly, it can add a flavorful dimension to your dishes. It is important to know how to eat turmeric properly for maximum benefit and enjoyment. While eating black pepper with Turmeric will boost its effectiveness, you may still be left wondering how to incorporate it without a major diet overhaul. We’ve put together some of our favorite tips and tricks as well as many go-to favorite Turmeric products to help you make the most out of this extraordinary plant.

Monday, March 30, 2015

Is Ghee Paleo?

Many are making the switch to a Paleo diet in order to change their lifestyles and eating habits for good in an effort to achieve all-over body health through consuming foods that come from as close to the earth as possible. Some call it the hunter-gatherer or caveman diet because the goal is to reconnect with nutrients that are meant for our bodies and lifestyle when we lived more naturally. Many of today’s western societies have been taught that dairy is something our bodies need daily. This may not necessarily be the case for everyone, and many only realize the digestive problems associated with dairy after removing and re-introducing it. Most paleo diets do not allow butter on the menu, but what about organic ghee from grass-fed cows?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

14 Gloriously Golden Turmeric Ideas!

turmeric spice
Turmeric Curcumin, native to southeast India, and once a secret known primarily to the Indian culture, has rapidly risen in popularity in the more recent years; and for obvious reasons. In Okinawa, Japan, where people tend to live very long lives, large quantities of turmeric tea is ingested daily. It is often taken on its own or with ginger to aid healing, both internal and external. One of its active ingredient is curcumin, a naturally occurring phenol (plant antioxidant) that gives it that gorgeous, rich orange color. Having been used for thousands of years ceremoniously and medicinally, many of us are left wondering how to incorporate this sacred, aromatic rhizome into our daily lives. If you have never experimented with turmeric, you are in for a wonderful surprise!

Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Super Grain Known as Quinoa

One of the truly tastiest and healthy grains in existence is quinoa.  This super grain contains all essential amino acids, is full of protein, and even has fiber, minerals, phytonutrients, vitamin E, and B vitamins.  To top it off, it’s also gluten-free.  

Further quinoa benefits include:
    organic quinoa
  • Quinoa has two times the fiber as most other grains
  • Quinoa contains iron
  • Quinoa is rich in lysine
  • Quinoa contains magnesium
  • Quinoa is rich in the anti-oxidant manganese
Apart from the health benefits associated with quinoa, it is very easy to make, thus there are an abundance of ways to cook it, things to add to it, and other quinoa recipes. 

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Organic Chickpeas

organic chickpeas
Dating as far back as 3500 BC, chickpeas have been a staple in the diets of many cultures in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.  Also known by the name “garbanzo beans”, these legumes are used to make a variety of dishes including chickpea salad, roasted chickpeas, hummus, chakhchoukha, and more.  The two primary types of chickpea are known as “desi” and “kabuli”, and though they have different traits, they are both used in a variety of dishes across the world.

Chickpeas provide many health benefits, including:
  • Chickpeas contain lots of fiber – only two cups full provides a full daily serving
  • Chickpeas are thought to help the body regulate blood sugar levels
  • Chickpeas are high in protein 
  • Chickpeas contain substantial amounts of iron
  • Chickpeas contain manganese, an anti-oxidant
If you’re looking to spice up your food variety, chickpeas are an excellent and healthy way to go!

About the Author:  Pure Indian Foods sells organic ghee, Ayurvedic foods, and organic Indian groceries from their online store: www.pureindianfoods.com.