Body-Boost Ashwagandha Moon Milk

Moon Milk is a soothing, delicious milk-based hot beverage that has its roots in the healing tradition of Ayurveda. It’s useful for deep relaxation and sound rest, and is often taken at bed-time to calm stress and anxiety. In this recipe, we add Ashwagandha Ghee which is used in Ayurveda to support a healthy immune system. Feel free to adjust the spices as desired.

Darjeeling Green Tea Latte

This is a simple, wonderful tea that can be made with your choice of milk, however, the richer the milk (or nut milk) the creamier and more delicious the tea. If you enjoy dairy products, try this recipe with 6 Tbsp whole milk and 2 Tbsp cream in place of half cup (8 Tbsp) milk. The tea is wonderful hot, but can also be enjoyed cold on a hot summer day.

Tamarind Whiskey Sour

The main flavor in this cocktail comes from the tamarind. Make sure you have the highest quality organic tamarind paste for the best flavor!   Print Recipe Tamarind Whiskey Sour Votes: 0 Rating: 0 You: Rate this recipe! Course Beverages Cuisine Indian, Thai Servings MetricUS Imperial Ingredients 1-1/2 oz bourbon1 oz lime juice freshly squeezed3/4…